Apricot Oil is typical product of Gilgit-Baltistan and Baltistan is called the Land of Apricot . More than 2490 Tons of Apricot Kernels is produced annually in Baltistan Region in which 1395 tons is bitter while remaining quantity is sweet kernel but less than 10 % is processed, about 20% is domestically being consumed for different purposes and rest of quatity is being sold at raw material.

AOE is producing pure apricot oil, from organically grown apricot kernels through scientific processing and refining in a hygienic environment to sell under brand name of “Mountain Gold” to the quality, beauty and brand conscious customers of the high-end society in Pakistan . Currently 6 products (Apricot Hair Oil, Massage Oi, Facial Oil, Moisturizing Cream Apricot Scrub and Apricot Lotion) are available in the market and research work are being carried out to strengthen the product line. AOE trained 10 millers in quality production and 12 females in cosmetic formulation/production.