Woodcraft Model Enterprise (WME)

Woodcraft Model Enterprise is a community trade established on March 15, 2005 to produce and sell quality wooden products at affordable prices and produce skilled workforce, trained in traditional carving, lattices, furniture and construction carpentry.

WME is the first properly planned and organized business activity, bringing together various elements, in this field in Baltistan. It uses comparative advantage low-cost abundant availability of timber, and banks on the inherent property of green wood as natural resources. The enterprise believes it can attract a much more quality-based appeal if its product finishing and promotional efforts are sound and quality-oriented. WME started focusing with carvings and lattice-making and expand to furniture and other product lines according to capacity and market demand. WME trained 84 men trainees in carving, lattice, furniture and construction carpenter and so for 20 women trained in wood carving and souvenir making. WME introduced seasoning plant to season the greenwood especially poplar and walnet which increased demand of green because of using in furniture and construction carpenter. This plant has also replicated in Shigar and Khaplu valleys.

Apricot Oil Model Enterprise (AOE)

Apricot Oil is typical product of Gilgit-Baltistan and Baltistan is called the Land of Apricot . More than 2490 Tons of Apricot Kernels is produced annually in Baltistan Region in which 1395 tons is bitter while remaining quantity is sweet kernel but less than 10 % is processed, about 20% is domestically being consumed for different purposes and rest of quatity is being sold at raw material.

AOE is producing pure apricot oil, from organically grown apricot kernels through scientific processing and refining in a hygienic environment to sell under brand name of “Mountain Gold” to the quality, beauty and brand conscious customers of the high-end society in Pakistan . Currently 6 products (Apricot Hair Oil, Massage Oi, Facial Oil, Moisturizing Cream Apricot Scrub and Apricot Lotion) are available in the market and research work are being carried out to strengthen the product line. AOE trained 10 millers in quality production and 12 females in cosmetic formulation/production.


Gemstone Sector Development Project (GSDP) is one of the major components of Baltistan Enterprise Development & Arts Revival ( BEDAR) Program work as a facilitator to develop the gemstone sector focusing on creation of employment & income opportunities in the region.

The nature has blessed northern areas, Pakistan with invaluable deposits of quality minerals & over 25 types of precious and semi-precious gemstones (in Baltistan alone) alluring world wide attention of the beauty Queens. Baltistan enjoys the line share in the mineral deposits of the Northern Area. These minerals and gemstones being produced in the legendary mountain ranges of Karakuram, Himalaya & Hindukush have a fair demand equally in the national and international markets.


Wool Fabrics is an Action Research Project of BEDAR. The objective of this project is to carry out action research during 1 st phase and ultimately determine its commercially viability by June 2007.

Traditionally, wool was used to make clothes, bedding etc and goat and yak hair was used for rugs making as there were no other option to the inhabitants of Baltistan. Pakistan got independent in 1947 and the people of Baltistan opted affiliation with Pakistan on basis of religious ideology. Since 1948 Gilgit Baltistan (Northern Areas) is part of Pakistan. With the passage of time and due to influx of other commodities from down country people given up their traditional and indigenous produces and inclined to stay with imported things.